CandoMedia photo will attend several events , sports, music, dance, party, and so on. We will deliver the best pro photographs directly to you! And at “fotomaskin” the choice is yours!


At our netshop; www.fotomaskin.no you get to see the photographs before you choose to order and buy!



Direct pay with your credit-card, and receive your high res pro photos directly to your computer. Low price high quality!

This year (2016) CanDO startet a new service for events and happening photography! www.fotomaskin.no a fast and easy way to buy our professional photos from events. Our fitness “Scenefoto” (stage photos) are also now a service at fotomaskin.

There is several benefits for you as our customer. fast deliverance, low prices, your own choises, professional high res photo files.

See, Choose, Pay, and Download. And if you like to order prints just send your request and we will deliver.

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